Saturday, 27 June 2009

Fourth Week

This Monday was really upset for me.It was because of my Physic subject.My marks in Physic’s quiz was so bad and terrible.I still could not catch up in Physic.Owh my god.Chaiyok Mai!! I knew i could do it.Luckily my marks in biology quiz was quite good.However,this week was better.During Anastasia class,we played a game,snake and ladder.We enjoyed to play the game.We also had a big laugh during the game.I really released my tension during the game.Of course my group was not the winner.Hahaha.My group was Tzai,Insyirah and i.My job was only threw the dice while Insyirah and Tzai answered the questions.This was my brilliant idea.At the end of the game,each student got sweets from Miss Anastasia.We were very happy.On Wednesday,i collected a lot of coins ‘RM 3’ to use the washing machine.I was not the such hardworking girl to wash cloth by my own hand.Unfortunately,the washing machines were gone.This was really test my patience.On Thursday,my class finished earlier.I forced myself to wash the clothes by my own hand.Luckily i did it.I spent two hours to wash my clothes.It was so terrible.On Friday,i went for a shopping.Just Ole-ole Seksyen 17.I bought new sandal,bag and blouse.On Saturday ,i spent my time to finished my Russian history assignment.In the evening,i relaxed myself by playing badminton and basketball with my friends.I also jogging around the court.It made my body felt lighter.


hasnaa said...

lead a healthy lifestyle...excellent!!!