Saturday, 27 June 2009

Fourth Week

This Monday was really upset for me.It was because of my Physic subject.My marks in Physic’s quiz was so bad and terrible.I still could not catch up in Physic.Owh my god.Chaiyok Mai!! I knew i could do it.Luckily my marks in biology quiz was quite good.However,this week was better.During Anastasia class,we played a game,snake and ladder.We enjoyed to play the game.We also had a big laugh during the game.I really released my tension during the game.Of course my group was not the winner.Hahaha.My group was Tzai,Insyirah and i.My job was only threw the dice while Insyirah and Tzai answered the questions.This was my brilliant idea.At the end of the game,each student got sweets from Miss Anastasia.We were very happy.On Wednesday,i collected a lot of coins ‘RM 3’ to use the washing machine.I was not the such hardworking girl to wash cloth by my own hand.Unfortunately,the washing machines were gone.This was really test my patience.On Thursday,my class finished earlier.I forced myself to wash the clothes by my own hand.Luckily i did it.I spent two hours to wash my clothes.It was so terrible.On Friday,i went for a shopping.Just Ole-ole Seksyen 17.I bought new sandal,bag and blouse.On Saturday ,i spent my time to finished my Russian history assignment.In the evening,i relaxed myself by playing badminton and basketball with my friends.I also jogging around the court.It made my body felt lighter.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Third week in INTEC

Hmm..This week is better than last week.My father came to visit me.It was so pleasure because i could eat chicken chop with him .My father came to see me just to send my earphone because I left it at home.I was so touched with my dad.I love u dad.Besides,I cannot live without listening to music.Music is my life and my friend.This week i was busy for the quiz.Physic and Biology Quiz.I also got Russian Language Test.The worst was Physic quiz.Plokha!!I could answer biology quiz quite well.I did a lot of careless mistakes in Russian Language-spelling.Russian language becomes more harder to learn.A lot of new things to learn.Its totally different from Bahasa Malaysia and English.I just forced myself to go through it because i know that i can do it.I am a strong person.I started to make research for my assignment.During Russian History class,we watched movie’War at the Gate’.It is one of the most memorable history in Russia.On Saturday,i got ‘Kokurikulum Pelajar Luar Negara’(KPLN).We were divided into 20 groups.One group consist students from Korean Programme,MEP Programme,Japan Programme,and Russian Programme.I got many new friends during KPLN.There were many activites organised to build self confidence and teamwork.I learned a lot and got something new .I also could share my opinion with them.Furthermore,i know myself better.

Monday, 15 June 2009

second week in INTEC

This is the second week i study in INTEC.Nothing extraordinary happened to me.Everyday was just a normal single day.But sometimes it was so tired,because i got a lot of assignments.This is the first time i did my own assignment.I tried my best to get know well with my classmates.They are so funny and make me enjoy in the class.This week,i got a new friend.She was a new student .Her name is Insyirah Farahi Nasuha.She sit beside me.She is new towards INTEC surrounding.I ask her to sit beside me.I also help her in Russian Language.Luckily she could catch up all those things in this few days.She also got a brother studying medicine in Russia.She also is a nice girl.I am glad to be friend with her.Besides,i still could not adapt to the cold temperature in the class.I must wear my sweater all the time in the class.I still remember,one day,i forgot to bring my sweater.During the class,i was shivering.When i back home,i got a fever.So terrible.There is one thing that i cannot face everyday.Everyday eat the same food at the same restaurant.So boring.Then i tried another restaurant.How come!!The price was really unreasonable.I tried to stay calm when i paid the bill at the counter.As a conclusion,my life for this week was so terrible.My mood also was in a bad condition.Lastly,i hope my life for the next week would be better.
-fsivo kharosheva-all the best!!

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Russian Programme
My name is Siti Maisarah Binti Zaini.I got straight A’s in Spm.So i plan to further my study in medical study.Furthermore my ambition is to be a doctor.I apply JPA scholarship.Luckily i got it.I got an offer to further my study in Russia for 6 years.I am speechless.Russia is the biggest country in the world.Russia has the world’s largest forest reserve and energy resources.Yuri Gagarin from Russia became the proud of the world after became the first human in space.Its really amazing.Russia also is really totally different from Malaysia.Rusia got a lot of historical places.One thing that makes me exited to further my study in Russia is Russia got four season.Russia also has a lot of unique cultures such as folk music,ballet and literature.Actually, i got some information about Russia from my own reading.My reading source comes a lot from internet.Lastly,i accept the sponsor from JPA.I hope that i could experience by myself in Russia.Now,i am in preparitory to Russia.I am learning in international education centre,UITM.It is a great experince here because i could make a lot of new friend.In INTEC,the lecturers and the students are very educated.

My previous school is SMK Sultanah Asma.It is a girl school.It is not a boarding school.So,this is the first time i lived away from my family,my house,my teddy and my bed.I need to wash my clothes by my own hands.It so terrible.But i am used to do it.Actually,it is really fun to be independent.A week in INTEC is so exhausted.We got orientation day for the new students including me.After a week,my class started.One more thing,this is the first time i ride a bus.My life is very interesting.My class starts with English class.The class is not tention and we enjoy learning english.It iis because the the lecturer is very sporting,Miss Hasnaa.Next,my class continue with Russian langguange.This is what i am waiting for.Russian Language!!.The lecturer is originated from Nizhny Novgorod,Russia.Her name is Mrs Marina.She is nice person and could speak in English well.I learn how to pronounce and writing the Russian alphabets.Sometimes feels like learning in the kindergarden.Do not no any basic in russian language.Luckily Mrs Marina is very patience woman.I am so lucky because i am Russian 15D class.All the Russian lecturers teach us.They are Mrs. Ekaterina,Miss Anastasia and Mrs Marina.