Saturday, 31 December 2011

A warm morning in a cold winter

Assalam wbt..

A warm morning in a cold winter..

Rasa best when u make a pot of tea and milo,serve it,and get comments from,manisnyaa...hahaha

Syiok when u find someone comes from ur hometown,and she has the same accent just like u,she pronounces air as ayaq..weehooo

Bangga when u know who is easy to fall asleep in the middle of chatting..

Kagum when u know someone can hold his tongue eating super hot spicy sambal belacan.

Terharu when ur friends accompany u back till the metro.

Takut when this is the 1st time I sleep for 6 hours with my contact lenses!!But a friend of u convinces u that evrything will be ok.And when i woke up,evrything was fine.Haha

Excited to play darts till the a dart lost somewhere and i coudnt find it,but my friend tried her best to find it..

Well,i feel so happy when there is a relationship or the most accurate word here is ukhuwah.There is nothing wrong to build ukhuwah in a correct way and environment.Lets we find the opportunity and grab the ukhuwah.

Tomorrow 2012 is coming.And time will pass and pass.I'll grow older and mature.It is number 21!!!Really be anak dara like others say to me:my mama,brother,friends and aunty =)

p/s:Setiap perkara yang berlaku pasti ada hikmahnya,be positive always,ada hadiah from Him..

Mulakan dengan Niat,Istiqamah dengan Niat dan Akhiri dengan Niat..